AirTV: A Luxurious Villa in the Tuscan Countryside

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We were all jealous when we watched Diane Lane basking in the olive fields in “Under the Tuscan Sun”, and we were convinced that it could only be the movie magic that made it look so dreamy. That was, until we came upon Adela & Mauro’s villa, a snapshot of paradise nestled in the Italian countryside. We were met with old stony walls and long winding paths, a vegetable garden bursting at the seams, and a glistening pool that beckoned us from the toasty golden air. Mauro & Adela work hard to make every guest’s experience something unforgettable, and we can only guarantee that this place is truly unlike any other place on earth. Go ahead and book today, and since we’ve probably given you travel envy, you can watch more episodes to decide where you’ll be taking your next vacation this year.

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  1. Jessica Bartels

    Hi Adella, what a surprise to see you on screen, alive and well. And very nice to see your lovely place in Tuscany. A very much Tuscan house in real Tuscan surroundings. I’m still busy with my spanish lessons and I booked a short cruise in July to the northern part of Spain: Bilbao and Coruna. Don’t be surprised if I park my car in front of your house someday. But be sure I’ll book in advance!Have a good season and all the best,Jessica Bartels, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  2. tony bordonaro

    we will be in tuscany in september ….love to see you there…….love air bnb also …great work guys

  3. Marusca Cacioli

    It is beautiful to see that our land "Tuscany" is so loved from the people all over the world. We are proud to show our wonderfull cities and our enchanting countryside. Also we have an holiday house in Tuscany with Airbnb and we are glad to use it with success. This year many persons from US, Canada, Australia, India, Uk, Germany, France, Holland, Russia have appreciated our vineyards and olive trees. Thanks Adela and Mauro for this beautiful review for "our Tuscany"