AirbnbTV in Cannes: Living Like a Local – Episode 1

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AirbnbTV has teamed up with actress and host, Taryn Southern, as a guest vlogger for our “Living Like a Local” series. Not only did we think Southern Explores the South of France had a nice ring to it, but Taryn has the ability to make you want to grab your passport and start jetsetting. We think all the best kept secrets to a city can be found in the advice from the locals that live there, which is why Taryn toured around Cannes with host, Michael. Minutes from arrival he already had her running laps in his beach side boot camp, and took her to his favorite local bistro. Stay tuned next week for episode two where she explores Nice with another stellar Airbnb host.

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logo-thumbnail-blue About Airbnb

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  1. marlene de barrientos

    Tengo problemas para comunicarme con ustedes.

  2. Simon

    You guys were in Cannes? You should have said, I’d buy the coffee!Simon