Airbnb’s new search: search and decide in a snap

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People use Airbnb’s search function every day to find the most interesting places in the world to stay. While we’re always improving things behind the scenes, we haven’t made major changes to what travelers see—until now.

Today, we’re beginning a rollout of a brand new search experience to help make deciding where to go a snap. This is a first step in giving you new ways to find the best spot for you and your travel companions.

Some cool things to check out:

Massive map

Location is the the single most important factor to Airbnb guests. We drastically increased the size of the map: previously a small 228 pixel square, the map now extends from the top to bottom of the page and occupies about 40% of the horizontal screen. And it’s dynamic, so it changes size depending on the size of the browser window. Now it’s easier to view locations, zoom in on any spot on the map, or zoom out and view multiple places.


New, bigger map makes finding the best location much easier

Fantastic photos

View listings like never before. Photos have increasingly become the pulse of the Airbnb experience. We’ve taken photos in more than 112 countries, we even have 500 photos of listings in Nepal! We wanted to bring photos front and center in our listings view—travelers can now browse photos on the search page that are 2-4x larger than before, minimizing the need to jump in and out of different listings, and making it easier to decide where to land.


Beautiful, bigger photos that you can browse right from the search results page

Focused filters

Airbnb guests can filter for almost anything: neighborhood, pools, even free parking. But the filters that matter most to travelers are travel dates, space type, and cost, so we brought the most important filters front and center. Still need more? You can still drill down with further filters to your heart’s desire.


The filters you need the most right at your fingertips



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  1. Marie Bati

    It’s great but it would be greater if the location were accurate ! It’s been 6 months that my place appears half a mile from where it’s actually is… And since then I had a big drop in my visits and reservations…
    Already sent mails, call the costumer service but it seems that there is no solution… Too bad (for me anyway !).
    Still love Airbnb thought… and all improvement you’re making !


  2. How not to run a business

    The new search is terrible. There was nothing wrong with the old one.

    Information is what people want, not a map that they can access via google.

    Why do you insist on new ideas that only serve to alienate your users? First verifiedid and now this.

  3. Renata Ramalho

    I’m sorry to say, but I miss the old website. This new one is a nightmare when you are looking for a place in a city like Paris, were even narrowing down you have 600 listings. Everytime i go into a listing, the back button takes me back to the first group, and I have to upload the following groups one by one. Now imagine that when you have 48 pages of listings to choose from!

    As for the options, I would like to be able to choose a non-smoking appartment, but I can only choose a smoking one. Also, if you are looking to improve choice options, maybe you could allow for combinations such as up to 2nd floor/no lift or 3rd + floor/lift.

    I hope air b&b website goes back to being as user-friendly as it used to be.

  4. andrea


    I rent in NYC and am wondering what is going on with the rental situation. I have people confirmed to stay who are emailing me asking, plus I am not relying on the money so I’d like to know if I can no longer.

    Can someone email me an update, please?

    Thank you.

  5. concept47

    Is there any particular reason that results cannot be sorted by … say, price?

  6. Chloe

    This new search is awful! I’m finding it incredibly confusing. I like to look at a lot of results, not just the favourites, and often remember where I have got to by using the page numbers (which have now gone). If the page I was on gets closed I have no idea how to remember where I was, and with the huge map barely any results fit on the page compared to before, which is making things take absolutely ages to look through. Can the huge map be optional please?
    This new search favours only the top few results and makes everything more long winded, if you don’t know the exact area you want to stay in and want to have a look at larger areas.
    This is making things a bit too much of a hassle for me, I was just looking to book two holidays but might just use another site now. Sorry to have to moan.

  7. Chloe

    Aaaaaghhhh! When I have scrolled through tons of apartments, clicked on one to look at and then press the back button (to go back to the results) it takes me to the first few results at the very beginning and I lose where I was and have to completely start again! This is painful.

  8. Paula McInerney

    I really think that these changes are good. Actually your site has always been user friendly but it is always good to see that you are not resting on your laurels.I think that the filters and maps are big winners. I really think your derive is a great alternative to a hotel room. I have used your services before and will use them again.

  9. Jeff Spock

    The new layout is terrible; I’m going back to using hotel sites. A list of available spaces is great; enormous photos that only show a few per page are impractical. If there was an option for list versus photo that would be ideal, but as it is the site is now too inconvenient for me to bother with.

    The big map is GREAT; it’s how I narrow the choice. But the big photo style is not useful for business travelers (though vacationers may love them).

  10. Fanny

    Hi, I hope it’s ok if I write here, I was looking for a suggestion box and couldn’t find it.. (would be great!)

    Since the latest update with the maps (which looks good although I’m more using as a host currently), the search for a city only shows the city itself, whereas it used to show a bit of the surroundings before (about 40km-20miles around). Unless people actually zoom out, they will only see the listings inside the city. I’m afraid they will start looking those first listings, moreover if there’s already a lot, and maybe not think to look for something a little outside the city.

    It would be also nice for travelers I think to be able to look for people who can speak this or that language. I’m fluent in English and that’s often the main reason why people chose us : french people are known for speaking poor english and other languages in general. And people are reassured to know there won’t be misunderstandings. But they have to go through the whole description to read we’re fluent.

    And last, I would really like it if the name of the street where the house is located didn’t appear just when searching. In my street there are no more than 20 houses and with the picture it’s easy enough to find ours : so it’s like you give them the number really, which you don’t unless people make a reservation, and that’s how it should be done! The result could be people contacting us pretending they want to rent but in fact just asking questions to find out when we’re usually there to come and break into the house. I don’t mean to sound paranoid but burglary are more and more common in France these days and that’s a pretty good way to get information. In my city with only 3000 residents, it’s enough to show a map of the city or maybe put a map with an approximate location like on homeexchange (a big cercle not centered on the house but a few hundreds of meters away) would be perfect! In big cities, maybe put the district or something. If the person needs to know more precisely, she can ask when contacting us and we chose what information we want to give and are responsible of it.

    Hope you’ll find these ideas interesting, and keep up the good work!

  11. Peter Brenner

    Sorry to agree with other comments that express dismay with the new website design. As both hosts and occasional guests we think that the site was fine the way it was. In fact is was very good and about as user-friendly as you can get in a complicated global environment. We now find ourselves more and more in a commerce-driven jungle that seems to follow a hidden agenda.

    The large map is superfluous. It’s ok to call one up if we want to see the lay of the land, but in general if we are looking for a place to stay we would like to have a reasonably long list to peruse at a glance and if we come to a place of interest, we try to locate it on a map that we can call up for that purpose. Basically just the way it was earlier. That was actually really good and reflected the spirit of airbnb rather than this overblown picture orgy which forces us to furiously scroll and get lost on page X from where we are then thrown back to the beginning if we use the return button.

    All this is also unfair to those hosts who don’t happen to have ended up at the beginning of the airbnb list (what are the criteria that determine the placing of one’s booking anyway? I notice for instance that the one consistently at the beginning of the list in our town is one with no picture of the host and a number of star ratings below 5, compared to others with a large list of positive reviews and full 5 star ratings).

    In general airbnb is suffering from the same “technology”-madness that is increasingly making life hell for mere mortals. Playing with the endless possibility that “technology” offers should be banished to some “technology”-reserves where geeks can let loose on their obsessions and impress each other. But think about the guests and hosts, not about what could be linked with what else, just because you can.

    Thanks for taking this critique seriously.

  12. Alessandra

    I think the new layout is HORRIBLE!!!!! If you are looking for something expensive you will surely find it but if you look for something cheaper it won’t be so easy! I am an host on airbnb from the beginning and let me say that all your changes are going to make the website always worst and people will stop booking by airbnb if you don’t stay the same and decide to stop changing. From when I became an host the search engine changed 4 or 5 times…in 2 years…maybe it’s too much, people will stop trying to understand how to use airbnb and will just change website to book their holidays!Maybe you should listen what people say…try to read all the comment…

  13. elena

    the new search system is horrible. if, after having scrolled through pages of results, I click on an apartment to see it in detail, when I go back the site makes me return to the beginning of the research, making me start over. Ugly, illogical and difficult.

  14. Jolanta

    I have looked throught the bloq and the comments, not even being able to test the new choices options, so do not have an opinion. I’m also quite new but looking forward to move more from host role to tourist role. I love the ‘spirit ‘ of airbnb and hoping that the changes will result in a real great site even if people feel not comfortable with a new one which is normal with ANY CHANGE.
    Also I want to propose broader aproach to the search options ex. if I could put an information, as a host, that we love playing bridge, maybe others looking for few days stay in my neibourghoud could find it in “different activities’ option and make their choice just because they love to play bridge as well. and similar if I’m in tourist role it would be great to know that the host in certain location plays bridge, or guitare etc.

  15. Ann

    I also hate the new layout, especially the giant map, coupled with so few search results. You should get rid of the map or at least give the member the option to close it. The search results are also unfriendly and all up, it’s just a big clunky mess. A mess that sadly, I can’t tolerate. Back to homeaway.,com

  16. Ann MacKenzie

    What does the code “NC” stand for? I missed a reservation request last evening and I’m just wondering.

    Thank you!


  17. Joao

    I have to sadly agree with many here… I do NOT like the new options. Mainly because they are PUSHED as standard and ONLY choice.
    As a guest I dislike not being to sort listings as I DID before.
    As a host, I feel “cheated” … as all the work of curating listing and getting reviews is worthless… just tried some search on my area, and I can only ask: what’s the ranking criteria !??? it’s was already dubious before, but now it’s just UNFAIR!!!

    Find this, has been the sour surprise of an otherwise cheerful and inspiring Live web-stream event :(

  18. Rebeca

    This is just the worst web page I have ever known!!!!
    Improve it, please!!! Everybody spoke so well about Air B&B before and now it is just a disaster.
    The search is impossible in this web page, we are in 21st century!! I have been trying and trying to search in Paris, and even in Granada (Spain), and it is just not working!!

  19. Mercedes Brennan

    As a frequent guest to Airbnb stays, I love the new design! Not only is it more useful, it’s also more beautiful and inspiring. Thank you!

  20. Edward Betts

    How do I get search results in a list or the old view?