Airbnb’s 2012 New Year’s resolutions

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Happy New Year!

We hope that you had a marvelous 2011 and are looking forward to an exciting, fulfilling, and joyful New Year.

Here are our resolutions for this year. Check back with us as the year progresses and see how we did!

In 2012 Airbnb resolves to:

  • Stay in touch with people we love.
  • Lose a tiny bit of weight and get fitter.
  • Be more proactive in our relationships.
  • Learn a foreign language or two.
  • Become easier to get in touch with. (Mission accomplished! We have launched our new Android app.)
  • Be more generous.
  • Get really good at sports.

We’ll keep you updated on how we’re doing.

What are you resolutions for the New Year?


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