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About Vivek Wagle

Ever seen an impossible video? This one comes close.

We’ve always been proud of our global community. You continually inspire us and challenge us to think creatively.

So we wondered: what if we gave you a challenge?

Over five days, we asked the Airbnb community to come together to do something that had never been attempted: use the Vine app on their smartphones to create six-second scenes for what would become an amazing short film. Every day, we put out directions on Twitter.

We were awed by the results. From Kansas to Kuwait, we received inspired and incredible submissions. We think the result is not only truly moving, but represents the spirit of the global Airbnb community.

We hope you agree.


About Vivek Wagle

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  1. M.M.sabuz


  2. Ben

    Beautiful and heartwarming

  3. Azariah J.S.E.

    Inspirational, Lovely film.

  4. Sam

    I like it