Airbnb New York City Meetup

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Co-founders Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky (pictured) hung out with over 60 Airbnb users at Bar13 in Union Square in New York City last week. Not only did we have local hosts in attendance, but there were also Airbnb travelers from around the world. Stay tuned for an Airbnb meetup in your city.


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  1. Jackie

    Whats happening with my refund for #4 Midtown apartment host Nicole come on Karine answer Jackie

  2. Jackie

    Whats happening with my refund For #4 Midtown large studio host was nicole come on Karine answerJackie

  3. Jackie

    Whats happening with my refund for #4 Large studio Midtown host name Nicole come on karine answerJackie

  4. Jackie

    Whats happening with my refund for #4 Midtown Large Studio It says when you book no money taken from your account until host replies so why then did the money come out of my account and then the host replied apartment not available Please arrange my refundJackie

  5. delaney pettijohn

    I looked at photos of a studio rental. Nowhere did it show tow beds in one room. I am 60 years ole and not into sharing a room with a stranger. The ad said $100 security deposit. I booked two weeks ahead and cancelled within one hour when I found out what the deal was. I think the ad was misleading in the photos. The landlord acted nicey nice and told me maybe Airbnb could help me. No such thing. My credit card is showing a charge of $975.00 that they walked away with. I would never trust Airbnb again if they support people like this to advertize with them. It’s just not morally right for them to take my money like that and not issue a refund.