Europe’s most hospitable cities

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Airbnb hosts are true experts in hospitality, extending warm welcomes to guests around the world. In June, we examined our host community throughout the USA to discover America’s most hospitable cities.

Now it’s Europe’s turn! We’ve combed through hundreds of thousands of reviews to determine where our European hosts truly raise the bar.

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We’re proud of our incredible host community throughout Europe. We hope you get the chance to visit soon. (Read more on the methodology behind our Hospitality Index.)

1. Zurich

ZurichBeyond its reputation as a thriving financial capital, Zurich is a picturesque city buzzing with eclectic entertainment, chic shops, and trendy eateries. Don’t be shocked by the gracious nature of Zurich’s residents.

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2. Frankfurt

FrankfurtFrankfurt is so much more than skyscrapers. Beyond the skyline a young, vibrant art scene is developing its roots. Wandering through pretty Art Nouveau neighborhoods is pure bliss. Pretty cafés are warmly welcoming residents and visitors alike.

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3. Porto

Porto, a colorful yet partially decayed metropolis built into a hillside, complements its oenophile reputation with a flowering creative scene and bustling nightlife.

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4. Nice

An authentic and old charm, a city bathed in sunlight, an enchanting setting between the mountains and the sea. The reputation of Nice’s hosts goes hand in hand with their city’s beauties.

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5. Vienna

With its magnificent old buildings, imperial stories, nostalgic carriages and cozy coffee houses, Vienna boasts romance all year around!

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6. Hamburg

Offering more bridges than Venice, the gorgeous lake called Alster with its many little boats, a huge harbor breathing industrial charm, completed by a unique city beach, trashy hip neighborhoods and posh mansion districts: Hamburg is believed to be the most beautiful city in Germany.

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7. Oslo

Perfect for exploring by foot, Oslo sports diverse architecture, lively nightlife, world-class museums, and great public transit. The residents of this likable city are are lighthearted and accommodating.

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8. Brighton

There’s a holiday vibe to this chic seaside city. Its well-dressed residents are cultured, liberal, and full of community spirit. Expect a warm welcome.

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9. Mallorca

Mallorca’s beautiful beaches are known internationally. When people decide to return year after year, it’s thanks to the warmth of the island’s residents.

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10. Dublin

The Irish capital is famous for its hospitality. Dubliners welcome their guests with open arms and tasty libations. You’ll quickly be made to feel like family.

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Hospitable cities in the UK

Airbnb Hospitality Index for the UK

  • Inverness; With castles, lochs and highlands at your doorstep, Inverness has everything you’d imagine rural Scotland to be plus hosts raring to impart local knowledge, legends and ghost stories
  • Birmingham; In this canal city at the heart of the Midlands, Brummie hosts are renowned for welcoming you with a proper English brew and a Cadbury’s chocolate biscuit.
  • Bristol; Hosts in Bristol exube West Country warmth and charm. They can recommend underground music and local cider, all with a laid-back hippy vibe.
  • Southampton; This port town on the south coast of England is well known for its cleanliness, shipshape quality and the hosts lovable sense of humour.
  • Glasgow; In Glasgow hospitality is something of a competitive sport. Glaswegians are fiercely passionate about their fair city, famed for its art, music and modernist architecture.


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  1. Edwin van der Brugge

    Porto was indeed a nice surprise. Great food and excellent wine. I recommend a boat tour on the Douro

    • Michelabpm

      And ITALY? Come on, our smile is always the first welcoming sign. I think something is missed in this article.

  2. Renato

    This is article is so wrong. People that travel and have been to Germany or Austria know that the people are not hospitable at all, just like in France. I have been to all the places mentioned and yes, culture, art and great eateries can be found, anyhow Germany and Austria are infamously known for not being friendly, hospitable or foreign welcomed countries. Mallorca in the other side is great but overwhelmingly touristic and basically a Spaniard island full of Germans tourists in the summer.

    • Joanna

      I would disagree. I spent many summers in Austria and would disagree with your notion that people aren’t friendly, and was just in Frankfurt and found people to be very friendly. I even commented in Frankfurt how the Germans exceeded all my expectations. Times have changed my friend.

  3. Hugh Harris

    Who did your graphics? They’re amazing

    • Denise

      I was wondering the same thing!

  4. GLee

    Porto is so nice indeed, but may I just add Azores, specifically Sao Miguel. It is a small town full of friendly locals that wont let you feel away from your home. And you’ll get full pack of activities, surfing, body boarding, windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, sailing, kayaking, kite surfing, boating, diving some of the most virgin locations in the world, whale watching, swimming with dolphins, and spelunking are some of the available options in the island. And all these will be just right outside of the doorstep of one of the Most Incredible Unit in Azores. This got more pictures that will fascinate you!! Thanks! :-)

  5. Gretchen Targee

    I just returned from Poland and would have to add Warsaw to that list…great place. May be Europe’s best kept secret! It’s also very affordable.

    • Joanna

      Next time, head south to Wroclaw and Krakow. Also great cities. But I am Polish, so I am biased.

  6. Ann Womersley

    Well Folks, My Husband Doug and I who live in Australia found online and we used their site fr all of our accomodation fr our around the World trip.
    We had fabulous Hosts and stayed in different kinds of houses, apartments, units, basements we have passed on this website to lots of people.
    We can only Praise this Fantastic site please use it and travel the World with very affordable accomodation.
    Ann & Doug Womersley

    • Doug & Marilyn Williamson

      Hi Ann & Doug……Lovely to see your comment! We are also from Australia and are taking the trip over to the UK next year for three weeks to see our relatives before setting off to Europe for another three. As we are Airbnb hosts and love having people here , we are hoping to find the same in Europe. We would love to hear from you with some recommendations you may have of accommodation if possible.
      Doug & Marilyn Williamson

      • Eileen , Bath, U.K

        Come to Bath – only 90minutes by train from London and well worth it. Many of your conpatriotshave visited this year and their reviews say it all !!

  7. GM

    The title is misleading. Airbnb users are hardly a representative sample when it comes to deciding which country/ies are the most hospitable. Give us a break Airbnb…

  8. Chantal

    I’m slightly surprised about these results..

    Whatever happened to Malta and the Maltese and what about the Balinese? I am half Italian half Spanish, born in Switzerland, grew up in Canada and been in London for 19 years, half travelled half the world and both myslef and a group of 20 well seasoned travellers were amazed at the friendliness and hospitality of the Maltese!

  9. Eileen , Bath, U.K

    Do not forget BATH , England !! There are many hosts in Bath and I’m sure we all welcome visitors from all over the world.. Bath has something for everyone – couples, singles, families, old or young …. historians, photographers, shoppers, diners, rugby fans – the beautiful Roman /Georgian city of Bath and the surrounding countryside should not be missed on your UK or European tour !!