Airbnb connections in New York City: what we’re really about

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What is Airbnb really about?

Is it the snazzy spaces? The remarkable hosts? Or the adventures to be had?

It’s all of these and more. Airbnb is a culmination of people, places and connections that make our community the driving force of our efforts in changing the way people experience the world.

We have thousands of spaces in New York, generating thousands of connections every day. And in a city that goes at full speed, never sleeps, and is filled with unique neighborhoods and diverse characters, why wouldn’t you want to share that?

Our travelers and hosts share in an experience like no other, one that is authentic, genuine, and powerful. We believe our community has the spirit that holds true to what Airbnb has always envisioned, and for that we have nothing but the deepest appreciation for their support.

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logo-thumbnail-blue About Airbnb

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  1. gael

    AirBnB is a really brilliant company. Please don’t spoil it guys, for the sake of growth.

  2. Luiz Carlos Da Silva

    Que o coração de cada um transborde alegria, transborde paz, suficientes para alegrar o coração do seu irmão. O melhor presente que podemos dar ao nosso irmão é um sorriso, é um minuto de nosso tempo, é um olhar fraterno. Mais do que o alimento do corpo, necessário se faz o alimento da alma; mais do que a vestimenta física, a vestimenta moral. Através do exemplo, através da boa-vontade,..AMIGOS A NOSSA VIDA E MUITO CURTA VIAJE E CONHEÇA PESSOAS,APROVEITE!!!

  3. Toni

    I haven’t used Airbnb yet but I will definitely be using you soon. Can’t wait. I’ve been spreading the word like wildfire so hopefully I will be able to use some of the discounts to rent out a space soon.

  4. Charles Domino

    Yeah it’s a great company. One of the best company operating with the limited resources for meeting the needs and expectations of it’s customer.

  5. Evelyn

    I’m a host with over 70 guests in one year. Amazing experience, ease, great people and a fantastic income.

  6. Sonya

    I love this company! I have stayed in Airbnb accommodation a number of times and I always enjoyed it. Please spread the word about this company and don’t support any cheap copycat versions- I’ve tried both and this company is the best hands down. I hope you guys continue to stay as fresh and genuine. Xx Sonya

  7. Miguel Gonzalez

    Guys I really like your concept! You’re far away from the rest. I love Airbnb! Good luck!

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  9. Francisco Gómez

    GENIAL!!! ES ALGO MÁS QUE UNA PLATAFORMA QUE PONE EN CONTACTO A HUÉSPEDES CON ANFITRIONES.Fomenta que la personas se puedan conocer,ayudar a las personas que viajan y sobre todo hacen más fácil la vida del viajero.

  10. Uzmacreation

    i realy like your airbnb but some countries host listed fake , i m fashion designer many time i visit to out side the country , now i decide to try airbnb ,

  11. christophe c

    Hi everybody!Just want to say that i’ve been hosting in Montreal with AIRBNB for less than 6 month now and i’m so happy with it !!! i’ve been meeting so many friendly and interesting people from everywhere in the world (and a lot from NY ) that i wouldn’t have met otherwise….So IF YOU WANT TO VISIT MONTREAL, CONTACT US WITH AIRBNB, WE HAVE 3 GREATS STUDIOS LOCATED IN THE BEST AREAS ( Plateau Mont-Royal and Downtown)…. Looking forward to hearing you !!!Take care,Christophe & Alexis :-)