Airbnb Celebrates 1,000,000 Nights Booked!

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Today we are excited to announce the 1,000,000th night booked since our launch in August 2008. With one million nights booked so far, we have connected people with diverse backgrounds from 182 countries around the world. Our community ranges from professors to architects, musicians to nurses, and work for such employers as Google and the United Nations. Today, even if you haven’t yet used Airbnb, there is a good chance you know someone who has.


While we take today to celebrate this incredible milestone, we remain focused on innovating and designing the best user experience possible in order to connect even more people around the globe. With recent funding from Sequoia Capital and Greylock Partners, we’ve been able to respond to the desires of our community in order to move beyond the traditional ‘vacation rental’ model to establish a site that gives you the ability to book online, any type of space imaginable; from rooms, apartments and houses, to cars, boats and planes, to spaces for things such as parking or events. We look forward to the next million nights booked, and remain committed to continually improving your experience with us. On behalf of the entire Airbnb Team, thank you all for making Airbnb such an inspiring community and rewarding pursuit.

-Brian Chesky, CEO and Co-Founder


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logo-thumbnail-blue About Airbnb

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  1. Joel Parker Henderson

    Congratulations AirBNB, you have a great service and have improved my vacations and travel.

  2. Megan

    Congratulations! I haven’t booked with you guys yet but I’ve heard amazing things!

  3. Jacek Greber

    it`s mad!! congrats guys!! ;)

  4. Airbnb

    Thanks for the love! We’re blushing…

  5. lori

    WOW…Congratulations! This is why I love being a host in Vancouver with your company!You all deserve this great accomplishment…keep up the good work!Lori & Darcy

  6. Andrew Kitchell

    Great infographic, even better stats. Congrats!

  7. Hannah Robinson

    Amazing!! Congrats everyone at Airbnb! And lovely infographic too.

  8. Sangeeta Narayan

    Congrats Brian and team! This is amazing!

  9. Kieron

    Congrats guys – we haven’t been able to contribute to that yet but over the next 12 months we’ll be able to add plenty more nights, can’t wait!

  10. Carla Christina Viana

    I am so humbled to be associated with AIRBNB, have meet the most amassing international guests, the reviews have had a positive change in our lives. After I faced retrenchment notifications from my largest banker employer this did not damper my spirit. We are proudly South African ambassadors, wishing to share with you our warm hospitality. THANK YOU co founders of AIRBNB for making such a positive difference in our lives. Never give on empowering others to follow their dreams. So humbled so grateful.God Bless all you travelers, heartfelt blessings from Carla Christina & Andrew at your service.

  11. Miguel

    Congratulations. My vacation in NY was unforgettable thanks to airbnb. We coundn’t find any hotel room cheaper than 700€ for our stay. Thanks to Airbnb we enjoyed a entire cool apartment for just 350€. Then I became a host in Spain too.

  12. Candela

    Congratulations on the million nights! Airbnb is, by far, the best idea to host and be hosted. Loved the host/guest marriage mention, it’s like in the movies :)Cheers

  13. Josip Sepic

    Congratulations to AirBNB.

  14. jsepic12

    Congratulations AirBNB.

  15. Deb Chesky

    Congratulations to the Airbnb team. We have had wonderful vacations on Airbnb and never would have been directly across the street from a major league baseball stadium or an ocean in a hotel!

  16. Kymi

    Congratulations! I am happy to be on both the receiving AND the giving end of the bookings! Airbnb your success is also my own. Thanks for launching such a great service and community.Keep up the great work.

  17. Nik

    Awesome! I believe in your service and what you do, now if only I could travel and enjoy the experiences more. Cheers airbnb!

  18. Terry B.

    I recently joined Airbnb and I’m truly impressed with how easy this site is to use, how quickly I heard back not only from my host, but from Airbnb, too. Excellent customer service. Congratulations on the milestone! :-)

  19. Pohua Talua

    Congrats guys!so many great houses on offer.PS: The map looks great an all…but fiji is definitely not next to papua new guinea. I think you’ll find it’s directly north of New Zealand.Keep up the good work!

  20. Jix

    Congrats guys!!!

  21. Ilahai

    Aloha and Congrats! Many mahalos on your service!

  22. Yohan Mahimwala

    Hey Brian and team: Congratulations. I’m thrilled that you’ve been so successful so quickly and am certainly a big fan of your work in reimagining the ‘renting space’ model. Kudos to a great few years and looking forward to engaging and celebrating every major milestone with you!!Your northern host/guest combo, Yohan & Sarah

  23. Richard

    I’m a fan!! Keep rocking guys – it’s amazing :)love & peace from the netherlands

  24. Traci

    I just got the 1,000,000 Nights email and was so impressed and charmed by the stats that I came looking for more and found this. Congrats to AirBnB – I love what you are doing!

  25. Luis Garcia

    CONGRATS AIRBNB!! Is great that you make it possible to many guests to afford their vacations, as a host your success is also my.

  26. mbodyspirit

    Congrats! I use Airbnb whenever I travel, and it’s been a pleasurable experience.

  27. aacook

    Incredible… congratulations. Love the visuals, too :-)

  28. Russell Hutchinson

    Congratulations airbnb i love having guest staying with us the experience that we have meeting with each other is out of this would .The fun we have with our guest is incredible keep up the good work

  29. Nicht

    übel sprach der Dübel

  30. Elizabeth in Menlo Park (Silicon Bliss)

    Heartfelt Congrats to the AirBNB Team. Bringing the world together one stay at a time. Best, Elizabeth

  31. tair

    this is amazing! you deserve it! AIRBNB is and definitely the best web-way to book online, and the guests we get threw your site are the most amazing people! thank you for the vision! it would not be the same renting without you!!!

  32. Mahesh CR

    Very cool! And congrats! Was the info graphic done internally? An excellent job…

  33. Anawat

    Congratulations!! Keep up the good work :)

  34. Eduardo Capples

    Congrats Airbnb! Your innovative business model has brought a new source of income to my life! Congrats on the 1M! Incredible and commendable milestone. E

  35. Loren Klein

    this is fantastic news, and beautiful infographics to boot! go airbnb!

  36. Frune

    Congrats on this huge milestone! I love the site and you guys just keep getting better and leading the pack.

  37. Carly Hall

    Congrats Guys! As always you guys are an inspiration.

  38. Marnie

    Fabulous work! Congratulations Airbnb. I love working with you guys.

  39. Marlous Mol-Clement

    Congratulations from down under AirBNB. Since my daughter and I started hosting last year we have had the pleasure of meeting fantastic people from 8 different countries so far and the efficiency in arrangements from your end has been first class. My daughter and I will be traveling to Europe July/August so will look forward to adding to your bookings target by being guests of some of your hosts in that part of the world.

  40. Magg Ngolwane

    . Congratulation on your good work and thank you co founders of AIRBNB for making such a positive difference in our lives. I am so grateful to be associated with AIRBNB, i have meet the most amazing international guests from USA during the 2010 World Cup, Australia and Asia, their reviews have had a positive change in our lives. Keep up the good work

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  42. romyilano

    bravo! I felt bad after that "incident" a few months ago. I hope you guys keep doing your thing. I loved using apartmemt share services when I lived in Berlin, so I hope air bnb can take off in the United States. There really has to be another alternative to hotels! cool.