When we asked the world to send us 10-word love letters to Los Angeles, we were overwhelmed by the response—not the just by the number of entries, which quickly up piled up to over 1000, but by the breadth of words and approaches. How can you sum up a city as vast and complicated as Los Angeles in just 10 words? Writers rose to the challenge.

Hello LA Word Cloud

Los Angeles in words: the most frequently used words to describe LA in love letters

Five entrants won overnight stays in Airbnb’s unique pop-up houses curated by celebrity hosts James Franco, Lake Bell, Molly Sims, Anjelica Huston, and Moby.

Lucy impressed us with her mastery of alliteration and juxtaposition:

Succulents & Sycophants, Palms & Palm Readers, Trails & Trailblazers, Dreams & Dreams Realized.

Jonathan used words to draw a picture about drawing pictures:

L.A. – a mesmerizing caricature drawn from ten million ink-starved pens.

Can you spell “Los Angeles”? Michael can:

L-ove, O-bservatory, S-un, A-rchitecture, N-ationalities, G-etty, E-ntertainment, L-akers, E-ats, S-hopping

Rafael wowed us with his artsy haiku:

Cohesive chaos
Burns Angelenos’ souls causing
Calm composed quiet

Lang succinctly summed up the cultural bouillabaisse that is LA:

Hipsters dine Rodeo. Posh hike Malibu. Surfers skate Hollywood. Coexist.

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Thanks to the many, many others who entered the contest. Find out more about the pop-ups and events at http://www.airbnbhellola.com.